Mobil Super MotoTM 20W-40 4T

Premium Four-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil

Mobil Super Moto™ 20W-40 is high performance engine oil for modern motorcycle engines. Though developed for latest engine technology, Mobil Super Moto 20W-40 provides good protection for old technology engine too, align with motorcycle engine technology development trends led by major OEMs. Instant engine protection from heat-activated anti-wear molecule™ can make engine protected from the start of the engine to the high temperature conditions caused by long, continuous driving.

  • Mobil Super Moto 20W-40 is made of highly refined, quality mineral oils and an advanced additive system.
  • Balanced quality oil and additives enables keep engine clean without corrosion, protecting engine and gearbox in one circulation system.
  • Hi traction of Mobil Super Moto 20W-40 prevents clutch slippage.
  • Instant engine protection from heat-activated anti-wear molecule™.
  • 57% more wear protection against industry standard based on Industry standard engine test Sequence IVA in API SL.