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About MJL Bangladesh Overview

MJL Bangladesh Limited is a joint venture company between EC Securities Limited (a subsidiary of East Coast Group), and state-owned Jamuna Oil Company.

The journey of blending world-class lubricants in Bangladesh started in 1998 when Mobil Corporation, later known as Exxon Mobil Corporation, decided to set up Mobil Jamuna Lubricants Limited in partnership with the state-owned Jamuna Oil Company Limited. Considering this, MJL Bangladesh Limited is a joint venture company between EC Securities Limited, a subsidiary of East Coast Group, and state-owned Jamuna Oil Company.

MJL Bangladesh Limited envisioned that Bangladesh would be one of the few countries in the region to blend high-quality lubricants. Accordingly, it commissioned a state-of-the-art Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP), the first of its kind in the country in May 2003. Since then the production of this plant and marketing activities of MJL Bangladesh Limited has expanded greatly.

This zero-emission Plant strictly follows the quality programs, starting from receiving the base oils from ExxonMobil and additives sourced from other global suppliers as per ExxonMobil’s Product Integrity Management System (3PIMS) recommendation and formulation. Besides, the Plant is certified by ExxonMobil Quality Practices & Guidelines, Product Integrity Management System (3PIMS), and Germinischer Lloyd (GLC) for ISO 9001-2008. An incredible team of highly qualified, trained, and skilled personnel operates the Plant with a guarantee of outstanding product quality assurances.

The standard that distinguishes MJL Bangladesh in the market is its customer service policy. With a nationwide supply chain to cater to the lubricant needs of the country, MJL Bangladesh strictly follows a “customer first” policy. The success of its service lies in customer satisfaction. Thus, to achieve the goal, the engineering support service personnel work with utmost dedication and identify the right products and services for the customer’s needs. One can easily find in the market a professional array of quality products blended and marketed by MJL Bangladesh Limited (MJBL).

The strength of this company reflects on this practice that where there is an engine there is the presence of MJL Bangladesh Limited to give appropriate lubrication solutions. Thus, the lubricants blended and marketed by MJL Bangladesh Limited are being used in powering the engines touching all cornerstones of modern developments of the country including motor vehicles, locomotive engines, river, sea, and ocean-going vessels, aviation and power, and other sectors of the country.

Being a shining example of Technology Transfer in the country, MJL Bangladesh has created direct employment opportunities for more than 150 people with over 2000 associated jobs, to significantly add value addition in lube blending and world-class lubricants in Bangladesh.

Brand promise

Our ambition is to become a trusted partner to the community to meet the world's energy needs in an efficient way, keep improving living standards swiftly, and redefine the energy for the surroundings and the environment.


To support our customers with unsurpassed technical expertise for continuous value-addition, while ensuring timely delivery and maintaining product integrity.


To retain market leadership, focusing on long-term business sustainability and selling productivity with consistent growth potential.

Corporate Value

MJL Bangladesh Limited’s business values conform to discipline and ethical nurturing to navigate the moral attributes into action and keep the company’s well-being firm and rigid in the long run, which eventually brings prosperity to consumer relations.


The moral values that we practice should not become obsolete after a few years, it must be an ongoing endeavor that allows us to reach new heights in our business by maintaining applicable ethical standards.

Continuous learning

Keeping updated with modern policies gives us a competitive edge and enables us to implement modern facilities into business proceedings in hopes to establish groundbreaking standards in the industry.

Innovation & implementation

Innovation is something which we thrive towards implementing to our production and business regulations to bring light to the industry; maintaining modern conformity of revolution in petroleum products and various services.


Team spirit is the focal point of MJL Bangladesh Limited’s success, which continuously enables the company towards excellence through motivational and influential factors.

Health, safety & environment

The transparency of the company’s business proceedings exhibits the concerning factor to keeping the environment safe and healthy. Also, the sustainability measures of MJL Bangladesh Limited portray the dedication to society and nature.

Customer focus

Customer satisfaction stays our main focus all throughout our steps of creating excellence in petroleum products as we monitor and enable top-notch services that leave no space for complaints.

Our subsidiaries

MJL Bangladesh Limited along with its subsidiary companies is holding prolific and lucrative positions in the industry by inaugurating forward-thinking techniques and engraving the highest standards of petroleum products.

Omera Petroleum Limited

Beginning with the paramount commitment to convenience, availability, functionality, and safety, Omera Petroleum Limited, a subsidiary of MJL Bangladesh, is providing quality services by embarking on the operations of Omera Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Bangladesh with sheer motivation due to the increase in demand amongst consumers.

Omera Petroleum Limited (OPL) planned and orchestrated its investment in European Standard bottling and storage facilities in Mongla, Ghorashal, Bogra, and Mirasharai for a successive and continuous supply of LP Gas throughout the nation with a united and strong capability of holding a capacity of 1 lac metric ton per year. The preciseness of LPG's forethought by MJL Bangladesh has acquired the competitive benefits that enabled them to meet the growing demands due to their largest bottling and storage facilities established in Bangladesh.

Besides, the significant investments made in manufacturing three specific LPG carrying tankers, named M.T Omera Glory, M.T Omera King, and M.T Omera Princess by utilizing the Japanese Navigation & Communication devices and European Technology have generated a revolutionary entity in the industry.


Omera Cylinders Limited

Omera Cylinders Limited is dedicated to manufacturing superlative and exceptional LPG cylinders by implementing the design code of DOT4BA 240 & DOT4BW 240 with the aid of European Technology & European Automated Machineries.

Omera Cylinders speak of quality and demonstrate the course of endurance and durability, safety and security, and clearcutting accuracy of maintenance and reliability. The cylinders are manufactured in an ultra-modern and well-facilitated plant located in Habiganj, Sylhet. Moreover, they ensure using top-notch technologies such as Forming Machine, Automated Welding Line, Heat Treatment, Hydrostatic Leak Testing Unit, Zinc & Electrostatic Powder Coating to form the world-class cylinders.

In addition, the uniquely produced cylinders are manufactured in all sizes and contribute to the operations of Omera Petroleum Limited and Liquefied Petroleum Gas throughout the nation and overseas.


Omera Gas One Limited

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)’s increasing need and demand in Bangladesh has instigated the formation of Omera Gas One Limited in 2016, as a strategic alliance and partnership between Omera Petroleum Limited in Bangladesh and Saisan Co. Limited in Japan. It was established with a motto to cater to the needs of an uprise in LPG demand in various sectors, as such commercial, industrial and residential.

The core fields Omera Gas One Limited specializes in are providing bulk LPG to consumers of commercial, industrial, and residential criteria through a composite of gas infrastructure and strategizing the construction and management process of LPG filling stations for automotive purposes.

Furthermore, Omera Gas One Limited intends to yield in importing and storing of LPG and operate in the sales and marketing of autogas conversion kits. Accompanied by the purposeful intention, Omera Gas One Limited provides consultancy, solutions, engineering, and installation for industrial consumers. Additionally, the company is devoted to the betterment of society and improvement of the living standards of the nation.



The immense professionalism and experience in the petroleum industry for over four decades has influenced the theatricality to bring altering nature of revolution with innovativeness and organizational performance that eventually emanated from East Coast Group (ECG), one of the paramount Business Conglomerates of Bangladesh. The diverse nature of the group clutches on to various sectors of the economy which include trading, storage, and distribution of petroleum, minerals & chemicals, renewable energy, plastics, real estate, manufacturing, wood treatment, tea production, banking, insurance, corporate financial services, logistics, and distribution.

MJL Bangladesh Limited is in association with ExxonMobil forming an alliance, and specializing and engaging in the downstream operations of the petroleum industry. In reference to it, the blending, processing, filling, and distribution fall under their territory and expertise, alongside marketing strategical analysis and product development are executed nationwide and overseas of automotive and lubricant solutions such as Grease, Specialty Chemicals, Additives, and Transformer Oil.

Possessing the excellence in offshore trading the group sources procure an abundance of supply and transport of hydrocarbons, including fuels named Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).


Marine Fleet

Omera Petroleum Limited has enhanced itself by bringing collaborative innovation with an abundance of opportunities within its territory, such as the ample river routes of Bangladesh that have provided to curate an immaculate distribution channel for its services. Besides, Omera Petroleum Limited (OPL) has thoroughly speculated and funded in manufacturing of a self-propelled LPG carrying Barge in reverence of Omera Princess by implementing and utilizing the European and Japanese technologies in its mechanics. This level of technological articulation in producing a unique LPG carrying Barge has brought a revolution to the industry.

Accompanied by the prodigious success of M.T Omera Princess, Omera Petroleum Limited (OPL) launched M.T Omera Glory and M.T Omera King. The heavy manufacturing built and resource planning of the Barges were supervised under Belgium base DEC-Parlym at Radiant Shipyard, Rupganj. The Barges have been designed with an empowered capability to hold and carry a capacity of 300 M.T (One Barge) and 350 M.T (Two Barge) of LPG all around the coastal regions of Bangladesh.