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MJL Bangladesh Limited is an embodiment of trust when it comes to providing excellence in petroleum products and retaining optimum performance.

The journey of blending world-class lubricants in Bangladesh started in 1998 when Mobil Corporation, later known as Exxon Mobil Corporation, decided to set up Mobil Jamuna Lubricants Limited in partnership with the state-owned Jamuna Oil Company Limited. Considering this, MJL Bangladesh Limited is a joint venture company between EC Securities Limited, a subsidiary of East Coast Group, and state-owned Jamuna Oil Company.

MJL Bangladesh Limited envisioned that Bangladesh would be one of the few countries in the region to blend high-quality lubricants. Accordingly, it commissioned a state-of-the-art Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP), the first of its kind in the country in May 2003. Since then the production of this plant and marketing activities of MJL Bangladesh Limited has expanded greatly.


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Delivers outstanding performance and protection on the road under different operating conditions.

Engineered to enable high performing potential to modern motorcycles.

Heavy-duty devised engine oils for long engine life and high performance under extreme conditions.

Dedicated to innovating a bold approach to enable high performance to the modern industrial engines.

Intended to provide cultivated engineered modern Marine Lubricants for vessels.

Fabricated and devised to protect against rust, wear, and water washout.

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Lube Oil Blending Plant

MJL Bangladesh Limited ensures the authenticity of lube oils with an extensive touch of perfection. The state-of-the-art Lube Oil Blending Plant is considered to be the most ultra-modern and technologically enhanced in-line blending facility in South East Asia. The intense technological advancement encloses its process to drive results.

The LOBP is facilitated by an extraordinary laboratory that is fully equipped with world-class and ultra-tech equipment that caters to providing accuracy in test results with swift supervision. The equipment is supplied by the world’s most well-renowned testing and measuring equipment manufacturers such as Koehler, Perkin-Elmer, Cannon, Julabo, Metrohm, Anton Parr, Gast, and many more. The LOBP is equipped with ICP, AAS & FTIR Spectrophotometer, Automatic Viscometer, Pour Point Determiner, Density Meter, and many more. The elaborated cultivation in the designing of these equipment ensures carrying out test results to check the QA/QC of the releasing batch of products at specific and different stages of production.

Fostering excellence in quality lubricants

Lube Oil Testing Lab

MJL Bangladesh Limited adapts the sophisticated computerized system and technological advancement to their operations to maintain the quality of the lube oil to achieve the top-notch and desired grade of the product as per the formulation to maintain originality.

Quality control and quality assurance are the fundamental procedures for MJL Bangladesh Limited to sustain and continuously strive to comply with strict standards of production with ExxonMobil in order to retain authenticity. In the year 2003, with automated and sophisticated analytical laboratory equipment the Quality Assurance (QA) Laboratory was established in Lube Oil Blending Plant, Chattogram. And the laboratory is equipped and operated under the guidelines of ExxonMobil - Quality Practices & Guidelines (QP&G) 3P Product Integrity Management System (3PIMS) as well as ISO 9001:2015.

MJL Bangladesh Limited Quality Assurance Laboratory is considered to be one of the most valued and leading providers of Testing, Consultancy & Certificate of Analysis specializing in petroleum products in Bangladesh. They are valued for their dedicated persona for providing a robust and precise analysis of product testing, leaving no trace of insufficiency, and their transparent nature of endorsing and distributing their products to their customers with solid and verifiable procedures and reports.

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