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The journey of blending world-class lubricants in Bangladesh started in 1998 when Mobil Corporation decided to set up Mobil Jamuna Lubricants Limited in partnership with the state owned Jamuna Oil Company Limited. Read more

Car Engine Oils

Designed to provide a high level of performance and protection under most operating conditions. Read more

Bus & Truck Engine Oils

These lubricants are engineered for automotive applications including heavy duty axles and final drives where extreme pressures and shock loading are expected. Read more

Vehicle Care & Other Lubricants

Greases are formulated to provide extra protection against wear, rusting and water washout. Read more

Industrial & Specialty Lubricants

This bold new approach in cylinder lubricant technology provides maximum protection from adhesive and corrosive wear at the higher operating temperatures and pressures of today’s modern crosshead engines. Read more

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MJL Bangladesh Limited
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MJL Bangladesh Limited
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Suhrawardy Avenue Baridhara, Dhaka 1212.
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It is our pleasure to let you know that MJL Bangladesh Limited (MJLBL) has again achieved outstanding marks in the Global Audit on 3PIMS and QPnG which have been conducted by ExxonMobil (EM) auditors from November 16 to 26, 2020. This time MJL has scored 3.9 out of 4 in 3PIMS and 3.8 out of 4 in QPnG. EM has praised MJLBL highly and also acknowledged the commitment of the Management of MJLBL for supporting LOBP (Lube Oil Blending Plant) team to maintain such a high standard working environment continuously.

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