Mobil Super MotoTM 10W-30 4T

Synthetic Technology Four-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil

Mobil Super Moto™ 10W-30 is a high performance engine oil, especially designed for modern motorcycle engines. Though developed for latest technology, Mobil Super Moto™ 10W-30 provides good protection for old technology engines too, while aligning with motorcycle engine technology development trends led by major OEMs. Instant engine protection from heat-activated anti-wear molecule™ protects engine right from its start to the high temperature conditions caused by long, continuous driving.

Mobil Super Moto™ 10W-30 is a four stroke motorcycle engine oil blended by the makers of Mobil 1, with synthetic technology boosted by the latest API SL advanced additive technology. It provides 57% more wear protection* to enhance motorcycle engine life and improve fuel economy.

High traction of Mobil Super Moto™ 10W-30 prevents clutch slippage.

Heat-activated anti-wear molecule™ helps to maintain viscosity of the oil at high temperature to prevent engine wear.

*57% more wear protection based on industry standard engine test sequence IVA in API SL.


FeaturesAdvantages and Potential Benefits
Synthetic technologyAdvanced formulation for performance in extreme conditions.
57% better engine protection3-way protection shields engine, transmission and clutch.
Long engine lifeExcellent wear, cleanliness and corrosion protection.
Heat-activated anti-wear molecule™Maintains viscosity of the oil at high temperature to prevent engine wear.