Mobil SuperTM 2000 5W-30

Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

Mobil Super™ 2000 5W-30 is brought to you by the makers of Mobil 1. This semi-synthetic engine oil is specially engineered to enhance engine wear protection to prolong your engine life. Mobil Super™ 2000 5W-30 is specifically formulated to provide a protective layer within your moving engine parts to enhance engine wear protection even during frequent start-stop operations.

  • Suitable for most Japanese and Korean gasoline engines.
  • Proprietary Extengine Molecules technology.
  • Better engine wear protection up to 65%*.
  • Improve engine efficiencies by reducing Engine Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI).
  • Excellent protection against deposit formation.
  • Provides superior engine protection during start up.
  • Excellent high temperature protection.


*Based on Sequence IVB (Iron Wear) test result versus API SP engine test requirement. Result varies subject to engine, temperature and actual driving conditions.