Mobil ATF 220

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Mobil ATF 220 is a high performance, fluid for automatic transmissions in older vehicles specifying Dexron IID. It is also used as a hydraulic fluid in unique applications.

Mobil ATF 220 is formulated from high-quality conventional base oils combined with a special additive system including viscosity index improvers, antioxidants, and defoaments providing smooth and controlled friction/wear characteristics. The product provides consumers an excellent driving experience even in broad range of driving conditions in a wide variety of pre-1994 automobiles. Key features and benefits include:



FeaturesAdvantages and Potential Benefits
Good thermal and oxidation stabilityResists lacquer, sludge and deposit formation to keeps transmissions clean for efficient operation over the fill life.
Good anti-wear propertiesMeets the wear requirement to promote longer transmission life.
Excellent low-temperature fluidityAssist in improved start-up and clean fast lubrication at low ambient temperatures.
Effective foam control propertiesSmooth and lasting shift feel and reduced fluid loss in severe service operating conditions.
Compatible with all common seal materials used in Type IID transmissionsMaintains effective leakage control.