Mobil 1 Syn Gear Lube LS 75W-90

Supreme Performance Synthetic Multi-Purpose Automotive Gear Lubricant

Mobil 1™ Syn Gear Lube LS is a supreme performance, synthetic, multi-purpose, SAE 75W-90 automotive gear lubricant designed to help meet the highest level performance requirements of modern passenger vehicles in all types of operating conditions including limited slip applications, as well as, deliver outstanding power transfer performance. Compared to conventional hypoid gear lubricants, Mobil 1 Syn Gear Lube LS 75W-90 performs exceptionally over a wide range of temperatures. Mobil 1 Syn Gear Lube LS 75W-90 achieves this through a unique proprietary formulation, that deliver optimized viscosity-temperature properties together with the highest level of inherent formulation stability and helps to protect against thermal and oxidative degradation, wear and corrosion, viscosity loss associated with premature shearing. It also can be used in extended service and for aiding in fuel economy performance.

Mobil 1 Syn Gear Lube LS 75W-90 combines wax-free synthesized hydrocarbon base oils and a specially designed extreme-pressure, limited-slip, sulfurphosphorous additive system to help provide a significantly higher level of performance in rear axles and differentials versus conventional fluids. Great film strength at higher operating temperatures, reduced fluid friction and low-temperature application down to -50ºC helps to provide significant advantages versus conventional mineral oil formulations. It helps to reduce wear and spalling under the high speed, high torque and high horsepower conditions in competitive racing and high performance automobiles. This unique, high technology final drive gear lubricant has demonstrated outstanding performance including fuel economy, extended drain, long-term friction retention, low-temperature capability and improved differential/axle durability and cleanliness. Key features and potential benefits include:



FeaturesAdvantages and Potential Benefits
Exceptional thermal stability and resistance to high temperature oxidationHelps to extend gear and bearing life due to minimal deposits.
Long seal life.
Potential extended oil drain/service intervals.
Outstanding protection against low speed/high torque wear and against high speed scoringCapability to handle some of the severest driving conditions while delivering smooth efficient and reliable performance.
Exceptional shear stabilityHelps to retain viscosity and film strength under severe operating conditions to prevent wear.
Excellent rust, staining and corrosion protection of copper and its alloysHelps to reduce wear.
Long component life.
Enhanced frictional propertiesImproved fuel economy and reduced operating costs.
Outstanding low temperature fluidity versus mineral oilsHelps to reduce wear at start up and ease of start up even in arctic conditions.
Good resistance to foamingHelps to maintain film strength for reliable lubrication.
Compatible with typical automotive seals and gasketsHelps to minimize leakage and reduce contamination.
Excellent limited-slip performanceHelps to reduce chatter and improve traction.