Quality Assurance & Certifications | Mobil

Quality Control

MJLBL uses a highly sophisticated computerized system to measure and dynamically control the flow of varieties of Base Stocks and Additives, which are fed into the system in measured quantity as per the formulation to produce desired grade of Lube Oil.

Quality Assurance

We strictly comply with ExxonMobil standard for quality production. With the assurance of Product Integrity and Technical & service Support, we are the ExxonMobil sole representative in Bangladesh. We are certified by ExxonMobil and Germanischer Lloyd for ISO-9001:2008.


The Lube Oil Blending Plant is 3PIMS and QP&G certified from ExxonMobil and ISO 9001:2008 certified from Germanischer Lloyd (GL).

3PIMS ensures:

  • Key for all quality-related activities
  • Scored 3.8 out of 4 in global audits on 3PIMS in the year 2014.

QP&G ensures:

  • Quality management system for MOBIL laboratories
  • Consistent with international lab standards
  • Scored 3.7 out of 4 in the year 2014.

ISO 9001:2008:

  • Achieved ISO 9001:2000 Certificate in 2004 and is currently ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • GL (Germanischer Lloyd) is the ISO 9001:2008 Certifying Authority.